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Where are the best dolphin tours near me? Everyone knows that Happy Days Adventures serves the Panama City Beach area super cool 2-hour dolphin tours. Each boat carries 6 people (adult or children) and together we will explore the waters surrounding Shell Island is search of Dolphins and other natural residents of our area.

Our boats are well-equipped for snorkeling, swimming, sunning, boating, and exploring. Our captains are licensed professionals with extensive knowledge of boating and marine life for our area.

Fun Fact: Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are plentiful in our bays and gulf. They love our waters, or more correctly, we love their waters and appreciate them sharing the wonder with us. Happy Days Adventures is ready to make your family time… happy time!

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What is included and involved with your dolphin tour?

This dolphin tour includes all snorkeling gear and a seat on a boat to explore St. Andrews Bay, The Jetties, Shell Island, and/or the Gulf of Mexico. Each 2-hour trip is able to be tailored to your group or just let the captain be your personal local guide and provide one fabulously happy time for you and your family.

Our boats are equipped with everything you need, including being safe and capable. We’re always safety first and are happy to pass all of the Coast Guard requirements, and to be fully approved, too.

This dolphin tour is a very up close and personal experience with our local waters and sea life. Our goal for your trip is to encounter some dolphins and swim with them and just take in the wonder these amazing creatures give back to us.

Note: Because dolphins are wild, we can only do our best to locate some during your specific tour/boat trip. There are no promises of performance based on seeing or encountering dolphins. We expect to and it is very likely that you will on your dolphin tour with us. We’re lifetime locals that are salty and completely in love with our area sea life and especially Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. The personalized boat trip for six people is sure to make lifetime memories that will fuel endless smiles and enjoyment.

To stay ultra-safe and comply with Coast Guard and other requirements, each boat tour will be for 1-6 people (adults and children), plus the captain.

If your group is larger than six people, we can add another boat and both boats can tour together and remain together for the 2 hours.

If your group is less than six people, there will likely be other people added to your boat to equal the 6+1 formula. Note: You are very welcome to purchase six tickets for your family of five and it will remain a private boat for your family/group. Just book six tickets at the same time and your all set for a super happy time with one of our local guides.

Happy Days Adventures is the happiest dolphin tour experience you will find anywhere near Panama City Beach, Florida. To us, happiness is the best of the best, always, and no matter what we are doing. And because of this we see ourselves as the best in dolphin tours.

But wait, there’s more.

Yes, there is usually more. We just want to make sure you know that we are the smaller, locally-owned and family operated folks that really care about the dolphins, our environment, and you. We’re not chasing quotas or worrying about balancing the books. We successful professionals that have things covered.

And we really know the local waters and we want to be your personal local guide. We’ll aim to make you happy and we’ll absolutely keep you safe and cared for. Let’s get happy enjoying the world’s most beautiful waters of Panama City Beach.

Thanks for reading more about Happy Days Adventures.

Restrictions and Requirements of Use

Please adhere to any and all applicable laws at all times. And remain in control of self at all times. This exciting boating adventure will be perfect through common sense and listening to your expert local guide (licensed captain). It's all about providing one amazing experience, that is also safe, for you, your family, and the natural residents on the waters.

All cancellation polices and terms of use are agreed upon by all parties with any booking of services provided by Happy Days Adventures. We are not responsible for any actions not of our own, including personal injury or damage to property.

Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance will be refunded, minus a $10 service fee per order. Cancellations made less than 48 hours of tour time will not be refunded. When making your reservation you are securing your space, which prevents another from booking it. We will honor your reservation and we ask that you honor your booking.

If you arrive late (more than 10 minutes) and your tour boat has departed there will be no refund and no rebooking without a new ticket purchase. Your ticket is no-transferrable and good for the time reserved only – exceptions may apply.

In the event of inclement weather, your dolphin tour may be cancelled, for your safety, and a full refund will be issued in this case as long as the boat has not departed with you on it.

If inclement weather sets in after your dolphin tour has already departed and you’re onboard and more than 55% of your dolphin tour has completed, there will be no refunds.

Inclement weather is considered heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightning storms, strong winds (over 20 mph). Please realize that we cannot control the weather but we are locals that completely understand our local conditions and what is happening by way of forecasts and mapping.

You can call us for help at 850-628-9919.

Smile. It's Time To Get Happy!

Explore Shell Island, The Jetties, The Pass, Grand Lagoon, The Gulf, and More With A Local Guide

When it comes to exploring the area waters surrounding Panama City Beach, Happy Days are generational-locals that live and breath the salt life. We're relaxed yet engaged and here to help you experience something special. We're the happy locals for dolphin tours, boat rentals & more. The Johnson family has tremendous roots in Bay County, Florida and known across the Emerald Coast waters as seasoned local experts with boating and enjoying the Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews Bay, The Pass, The Jetties, The Gulf of Mexico and pretty much any water adventures you can desire. Happy Days are made with the happy local guides!

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Please contact us for help booking a memorable dolphin tour or fun water excursion in the Panama City Beach area. We are your local guides for PCB and all of the waters and water adventures in Bay County, Florida. Come be happy!

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